How Children Succeed

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Radio lab

  • Walter Mischel tested the will power of 4 year olds by placing a marshmallow in front of them and saying if they could wait 15 minutes, they could get two. The study showed kids who could wait were more likely to be successful as adults
  • As he tested the kids about 10-20 years later he checked up on them again and checked their SAT’s, money made, and more like so
This american life

  • It was believed for a little that getting a GED would be better due to its quickness
  • Trauma has a big effect on child’s life, witnessing violence
  • Non-cognitive skills are just as important as cognitive skills which children learn in school
  • Stress can inhibit learning and growth
  • Being in an uncomfortable situation and struggling while having a supportive environment with a coach-like person is best to grow
  • United States has the highest drop out rate than the Industrialized World

Internet Safety Tips

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Internet safety tips
  • It’s okay to make friends online but be careful about who you are friends with
  • Be smart about your choices online
  • Never meet anyone from online and if you choose to bring someone you trust with you
  • Be careful about what you post and take care of your reputation, once you post it can get anywhere
  • Use your privacy settings to block out people you don’t know
  • Keep your personal information private
  • Don’t post things that can clue predators in on your location, etc

Listen Smart – Safety Handling the Power of Sound


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Can You Hear This?
Listen smart – safety handling the power of sound

  • Listen to music in a way that is enriching and does not hurt you
  • If the noise is above 90 dB you should not be in that environment for more than 8 hours
  • If the noise is above 100 dB you should not be in that environment for more than 2 hours
  • If the noise is above 120 dB you should not be in that environment at all
  • Long term exposure to loud noises can cause permanent hearing loss
  • Hearing loss is not completely induced by age
  • Sound comes in to the ear canal and hits the ear drum the ear drum sets up vibrations into the bones of the ear, at this point the sound has been amplified about 20 times, it then enters cochleas which causes vibrations in the hair cells
  • If your ears rings and then you feel sick the next day it’s a noise hangover
  •  The highest form of medicine is not medicine but prevention for Audio Career Tips
  • Teachers of music, musicians and technicians are exposed to high levels of noise
  • Teachers of music have the responsibility to make others aware of noise awareness
  • Many people in the live event industry suffer with permanent noise induced hearing damage
  • Simple changes of the design and layout of the premise can be made to minimize exposure to employees
  • Just as the level of the noise affects hearing the duration of the noise is important as well
  • Its important that the daily exposure does not exceed 85 dB or wear hearing protection
 Chart of Sound in the Environment

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